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A graphic history of our activities

Below is our company history shown in pictures. We flew off our remaining passenger list and shut the rides business in 2013. We now concentrate our efforts on hot air balloon advertising, promoting our customers brands

balloon in flight

Flying over Hampshire 2013

Launching Helicopter Pad Campbell Park

Over Campbell Park MK 2012

Northampton Balloon Festival

Northampton Balloon Festival 2011

Flying out oif Baraintree Essex

Braintree Essex 2010

Passengers over Wrexham

Wrexham 14th September 2009

Kidderminster Flight

Kidderminster 26 September 2008

Alps 2008

Less snow and more mist in the Alps in January 2008

Basingstoke balloon festival

Floating out of Basingstoke on the Friday morning press flight August 2007

GCAA banner balloon

Flying the General Civil Aviation Authority logo in Dubai December 2006

Oxygen mask

High enough, over the Alps to need oxygen January 2006

Balloon in the mountains

Try spotting the white balloon in the middle of the shot

BBAC 40th aniversary flight

Harvest Moon meet, celebrating the BBAC 40th birthday September 2005

Mass launch at Metz

Mass launch at Metz 2005

Rainbow balloon at Metz

Second visit to Metz in 1999

Launching rides balloon

Launching rides balloon from Groomes 2013

Inflating rides balloon

Inflating Petersfield 1012

Over Ski Drome MK

Over Ski Drome MK 2012

Detail of MK balloon artwork

MK graphics 2011

Launch form Groomes

Launch from Groomes 2011

Flying out of Chipping Ongar Essex

Chipping Ongar Essex 2010

Night glow Bournemouth

Bournemouth Air Festival night glow August 2009

Night glow Thailand

Night glow and fireworks Thailand November 2007

Flying Bull launch site

Our base launch field behind The Flying Bull at Rake, near Petersfield in Hampshire

Castlepoint balloon in Alps 2007

CASTLEPOINT ascending over the Alps January 2007

latimerCAD balloon at Northampton

Latimer CAD artwork first flight at Northampton August 2006

Oxygen in the Alps

Not on medication. just another way of delivering oxygen at 12,000 feet.

RBV banner at Newbury Show

The Reading Business Venue balloon at Newbury Show September 2005

CASTLEPOINT at Southampton balloon festival

CASTLEPOINT Balloon first flight at Southampton Show July 2004

Mass launch at Metz

Our original balloon at Metz 1997

View over Worthing

Over Worthing 2013

Passengers in basket on wedding tether

Passengers at wedding 1012

Over centremk MK

View of centre mk 2012

Landrover Defender Graphics

Our Land Rover with rides promotion name

Bournemouth glowing on the beach

Bournemouth Glow 2011

Flying out of Colchester Essex

Colchester Essex 2010

Shrewsbury Flight

Shrewsbury 5th June 2009

Shrewsbury Flight

Shrewsbury 25 September 2008

Flying the true brand in Thailand

Flying the true logo (mobile phones) in Thailand November 2007

Flying the true brand in Thailand

On tether lines flying guests at a party May 2007

T&C balloon winter flying

Winter flying February 2006

Inflating balloon

Crown man working hard during inflation at Mauterndorf

Basingstoke balloon Festival

First away from the arena at Basingstoke August 2005

Overhead CASTLEPOINT Bournemouth

Overhead the CASTLEPOINT shopping centre Bournemouth

Detail CASTLEPOINT graphics

Detail of the CASTLEPOINT balloon envelope

Press launch of CASTLEPOINT balloon

Press launch for Southampton Festival at Hopwich Park July 2004

Passengers ready to fly

Passengers ready to fly 2013

Wedding tether

Wedding party 1012

Tehtered centremk MK balloon

Tethered centre mk balloon 2012

Deanland airfield near Lewes

Deanland Airfield 2011

Flying over London

Flying South London 2009

Worcester Flight

Worcester 27 September 2008

Band in basket

Band in a basket Bournemouth Air Festival August 2008

New company name

Our name change from blue sky ballooning to charter ballooning in 2007 ment more than just changing headed paper

Party Tether

Changeover of guests at party in Sussex. We flew on into the dark

Dubai desert

Preparing to land next to a road in the desert. Dubai December 2006

Alps night glow

Night glow for the residents of Mauterndort, Austria January 2006

Balloon in Alpine valley

Returning to the arena in Austria December 2005

Fast landing in France

Note the drag marks made by the basket at Metz July 2005

Bristol balloon festival night glow

Night Glow at Bristol Balloon Festival August 2000

Metz France

Balloons heading North-East at Metz 1999