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Thinking outside of the box

A client once asked us if we could fly from Lands End to John o'Groats. In a hot air balloon you can not. But what developed was a promotion whereby the public "guessed the distance the balloon would fly". The winner was awarded a flight for two. The client gained customer involvement and media coverage.

Rather than repeating what has worked in previous campaigns we prefer to first understand our clients marketing needs. If you are well known in your local area but wish to spread word of your existence to surrounding towns, then thats where the balloon should be flown.

Media coverage is the measurable part of an investment in ballooning. The column inch or minutes broadcast will be substantial. But there are other effects like, employee motivation, customer feedback and a changed perception of your business.

Launch from Stanstead House

We can launch from most locations

Press shot and article

This flight, in adverse conditions, only lasted 20 minutes. But enough time for a proffesional photographer to capture its essence

Basket burn

The result from one flight with a member of the press

Balloon fan

To attach the graphics we simply have to lay out the balloon on a field. Which is the normal activity prior to a flight, and connect the banner