Charter ballooning logo

Whom should you be flying

Number one target is the media. Choose an event and imagine how a balloon can enhance the medias coverage. Reward diligent staff like flying the sales person of the month. Fly the top distributor from your annual sales event.

Affect your prospects. Getting a reputation for flying your target market can change their attitude to your sales calls. Raise money for local charity. Offer a flight as a competition prize.

Hot air promotion is predominantly a summer activity. At large summer events the media needs to inform there readers, viewers or listeners of the happening. Your balloon at the press launch will get attention.

Where can we fly from? We can organise flights from major events, local council land, hotels or golf courses. Any site with the landowners permission provided it is not close to a major airport.

first balloon flight

Like Jenny here most people faced with their first balloon flight will be enthralled by the experience

Bristol Festival launch

A significant number of companies have already discovered that balloons provide and excellent return on ivestment

Bristol Branded balloons

More branded balloons at Bristol

Ikea balloon

Creating a balloon in the shape of your corporater logo is the ultimate promotuion tool