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£6000 buys your company balloon

We can make this offer because we already have a flying billboard. You can benefit by attaching your graphics to this existing balloon. The banner cost is unlikely to be more than £2,500. Daily charges are usually £1,400 plus hotel and travel expenses from our base in Hampshire. Our offer is one banner plus three days activity for £6,000 (dependant on location and banner complexity).

For corporate clients, requiring a dedicated balloon, the annual envelope charge is likely to be £10,000 based on a three year contract. You don not have to buy the balloon outright. We finance the envelope and charge you quarterly. That includes insurance, maintenance and annual certification. Annual costs are £25,000 including 12 days activity on said three year contract.

To invest in and operate a special shape, based on a three year contract, budget for £50,000 per annum.

ALL prices quoted on this page are exclusive of VAT

white flying billboard balloon

Using our white balloon we can carry your brand name or logo at a fraction of the cost for commissioning your own balloon

Reading Business Venue balloon

Reading Business Venue balloon on an early morning flight

Gulf Civil Aviation Authority balloon

Gulf Civil Aviation Authority balloon in Dubai

LatimerCAD balloon

Latimer CAD balloon flying from Leeds Castle in Kent

true balloon

true mobile telephone balloon in Thailand