Charter ballooning logo

We fly your Brand logo and Corporate message

Caesar understood it. He said to amuse the masses you need food and circus. Thats equally true for customers, your relevant media, prospects and employees. To entertain you need the same.

We are not suggesting you throw anyone to the lions. What we are suggesting is that you invite those you wish to influence on a balloon flight. Be assured that the resultant dopamine rush will create short term euphoria, a cascade of positive words and an agreeable long term memory.

Interested, but you suspect your marketing budget would not stretch to it? You maybe wrong. We fly "floating advertising hoardings" to which we can attach your logo or marketing message. With seven metre graphics they look as though they are your own balloons but costs just £6000 for three days activity. And for subsequent years, £4000 utilising the same graphics.

Bristol Balloon Festival crowd

Some of the 500,000 crowd at the Bristol Balloon Festival

Dorset Steam Fair

Displaying at the Great Dorset Steam Fair September 2005

Metz France

Photo shoot at Metz, France July 2005

South Downs Balloon Festival

Part of the team at work flying from the South Downs Balloon Festival