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We are based in Liphook, Hampshire. Our founder Alan Hall moved from technology into marketing in the early eighties. He established software company Calay Systems Ltd in the late eighties. In the early nineties he became involved in ballooning and founded Ballooning UK (publication) later in that decade.

After ten years of ballooning blue sky ballooning Ltd was incorporated in 2003. Company name was changed to charter ballooning Ltd in March 2007 while pursuing an AOC (Air Operator Certificate). During the recession we flew passengers in rides balloons but now that aerial marketing has picked up we are again concentrating on hot air balloon advertising.

    Telephone: 01428 725696
    Mobile: 07955 242050
    Company Number: 4872855
    VAT number: 824 5173 36

first balloon flight

We are prepared to work anywhere in the world

Bristol Festival launch

Company founder Alan Hall at 11,000 feet over the Alps

Bristol Branded balloons

Competition flying was both interesting and challenging

Ikea balloon

Balloons offer numerous photographic opportunities. Our reflection from a lake