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The balloon pilots were invited from along the South Coast

Bournemouth Borough Council invited the ballooning community to participate in there major air festival.

Commercial Balloons

This was an opportunity to display clients balloons before a significant crowd. 2009 figures were 1,350,000 over the four days. There were spaces to display during the three evenings of the air show.

Forces Balloons

The Air Festival is supported by the armed forces. Bournemouth Borough Council personally invited all operators of Army, Air Force and Navy balloons to participate for the duration of this event.

Private Balloons

For the Friday night balloon glow we invited private pilots from Dorest, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and Wiltshire to join in the fun. There was assistance with expenses. It was advertised in August Aerostat. That is only BBAC members were invited.

glowing in the gardens

The balloons were in the gardens in 2008.

assembling balloon in the gardens

Balloon assembled and waiting for sunset

Bournemouth Eye in the Gardens

The balloons will surround the Bournemouth Eye

Crowd in the Gardens

As darkness falls the crowd waits in anticipation