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Balloon night glow and lasers 2008 to 2011

If you have never seen a balloon night glow we hope you did not miss the evening shows. The combination of light, colour and sound was intoxicating. If you have seen a night glow you will know what we mean and would have been there anyway.

For Thursday night the balloons will be in the Gardens around the Bournemouth Eye.

On Friday the string of glowing balloons extended from the gardens to the pier and East and West along the beach. The balloons glowed while lasers wrote in the sky, all in time with the music from the Air Show PA.

On Saturday night you could pass the glowing balloons in the gardens on your way to the magnificent firework display to the West of the pier.

early evening glow

The balloons were in the gardens in 2008. They will be there again in 2009 but also on the beach each side of the pier

Band in a basket

The band plays from within the balloon basket

Basket burnner display

Even without a balloon attached the burners put on quite a show

three balloons in 2011

When all the balloons glow together the result is spectacular