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Balloons that attended the 2010 Air Show

Below are the balloons that confirmed their intent to display at the Bournemouth Air Festival 2010. The request from Bournemouth Council was that we gather all the Forces balloons in one place for the first time. That is Army, Navy and Air Fource. As you can see we succeeded.

Navy balloon

The Fly Navy balloon will be displaying during the entire festival at various locations


The CASTLEPOINT shopping centre Bournemouth balloon in the Gardens 2009

Blue and White balloon

This Cameron manufactured Concept 90 will be glowing on the Friday night

Sundance balloon

The Sundance balloon a bulbous Viva style balloon

Air Force balloon

This is the larger of the two Royal Air Force balloons which will display during theFestival

Packhouse balloon

The new Packhouse balloon from the antiques centre of the same name in Farnham, Surrey

Red Yellow Blue striped balloon

Another balloon which with its light colours will glow well on Friday night

Black balloon

A private balloon with original artwork will display on Friday

Army Sappers balloon

The Royal Engineers ballooon Sapper

Yellow spiral Lindstrand

This privatly owned bright Lindstrand balloon will display all three nights of the Festival

Blue balloon with white band

With its white band this balloon will glow brightly on the Friday night

Air Force hopper

The second Royal Air Force balloon is a one man hopper and will display in the Gardens

Bentley balloon

Still carrying its original artwork now in private hands Bentleys balloon displaying Friday

Misty balloon

Miisty balloon will be displaying on the beach on Friday night