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Bournemouth Air Festival balloon display 2008 to 2011

You may think that the biggest difference between the Bournemouth Air Festival and a conventional Air Show is that it is free! That is true but not all. The other difference is that after three hours or more of tremendous air displays the show still rolls on into the night. And a large part of the evening displays revolved around the local helium balloon The Bournemouth Eye and its numerous Hot Air Balloon big brothers.

The balloons were in the Gardens after the air display. As the sun set they were spread out in the vicinity of the Bournemouth Eye and to the West of the Peir waiting for dark and the start of their display.

The last time we put on this show was 2011. We hope to return.

early evening glow

The balloons were in the gardens from 2008 to 2011

Bournemouth brochure

The Bournemouth Air Festival souvenir program 2008

Red Arrows display

Every bodies favourite the Red Arrows

Sea Vixen

One of the numerous aircraft from 2008 the Sea Vixen